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Happiness & Health, Life

Doctor Life has been a life partner and sometimes a contributor to our life, and has kept our lives healthy for the last 30 years.
We are confident that we are at the cutting edge of the day with countless medical devices.
What we provide is not merely a medical device, but the happiness and health of all mankind.
With more value than just the air you need, Doctor Life will always be with your life.


  • Phone
    +82 . 02 . 701 . 7871
    412, 15, Hwagok-ro 68-gil, Gangseo-gu,
    Seoul, Republic of Korea, 07548

History & Certificates

  • 2017
    Selected as one of the Top 100 design innovation companies
    by the Korea Institute of Design Promotion.
    Grand prize of service satisfaction selected by consumers.
  • 2015
    The 8th medical devices day president award to industrial company
  • 2014
    Commissioned member of INNO-BIZ
    Korean world-class device award 2014
    in recognition of DVT prevention system
  • 2013
    ommissioned member of the Ministry of
    Trade Industry Energy planning committee
    Consultant of National Unification Advisory Council
    2013 Member of Trade Industry Forum
  • 2011
    President Award
  • 2010
    Anvisa in Brazil
  • 2007
    Authentication of Merit certificate
  • 2006
    Innovation management awards
    KOTRA B2B e-Trade awards
    KFDA awards by Prime minister
    KGMP registration
  • 2004
    The 34 precious Technique bronze awards
    Korean World class devices award
    Vice president award
    SFDA in China
  • 2003
    Success Design device
  • 2002
    CE marks (DL series, MK series, DL 1200, DVT-2600)
  • 1986
    DS MAREF established
Original Technologies
Since its founding in 1986, Daesung MAREF has developed various product lines as well as quality innovation through steady product development.
We develop and manufacture a wide range of products, from surgery assistive devices, physiotherapy and rehabilitation devices for the purpose of life extension and prevention to diseases to medical devices usable in daily Life, such as beauty devices and home care devices that are close to our daily lives. We stand side by side with the leaders of the world.
Our unique march of original pneumatic technology continues under our mission of improving human health and happiness.
Challenge to the World
We have grown from a small medical device company in Korea to a trustworthy brand that is now looking ahead to Daesong MAREF. In the early 1980s, Korea's medical technology was a small place where our pneumatic technology could not stand still. But we did not give up and knocked on the world market. If only 5 minutes was given, we came to visit anywhere and let them know about us.
We went to exhibitions in over 40 countries around the world and informed them of Doctor Life until we were thirsty.
With this constant challenge, Korea's leading pneumatic technology has become a world-recognized brand.

DOCTOR LIFE Professional Healthcare Inc

Sole Agent

To briefly introduce our company, we are Sole Distributor of
DOCTOR LIFE products around the world in Amazon and Ebay, Shopify.
You can trust us about our products.
  • 1. We have contract with head office to sell only the original products.
  • 2. So we provide 1 year warranty for machine, and all sleeve for the customers who has order history of our products. If machine is defected within this warranty period, free A/S is provided.
  • 3. We have return warehouse in US, UK and in Canada, and we would plan to expand this to Europe and Middle East and Australia.
  • 4. We have delivery contract with UPS and DHL and Fedex, so if you purchase it from our shopping mall, we have express delivery service provided for free.
  • 5. We have three sizes of leg sleeve, and if your leg sleeve does not fit you, we provide size exchange process. but since this is overseas delivery, If you want to exchange the product because the size is too small or too big, exchange is possible but delivery fee used in exchanging the product should be paid by customer.
  • 6. Our product is best seller in Amazon US, and our order from Canada, UK, Australia, middle east and Israel is increasing.
  • 7. Return is possible within 30 days after purchase as in Amazon and ebay. When the product is defected, we make full refund unconditionally. But if return is not due to product defect but due to customer’s change of mind or size miss, repackaging fee and delivery fee etc are deducted from refund amount. In these cases, we go through full discussion with customer so that customer could be satisfied about the reason and amount of refund.
  • 8. Our product has very high quality. It is MADE IN KOREA. We sell 300 items monthly in US but return rate is under 2%. And among these, defected rate are no more than 1-2 items. Most of our returns are due to size miss or customer’s change of mind. The quality would be very different with the similar product made in China.
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