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"SP-1000" Air Compression Recovery System "SP-1000" Air Compression Recovery System
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Happiness & Health, Life
Doctor Life has been a life partner
and sometimes a contributor to our
life, and has kept our lives healthy
for the last 30 years.
  • TYPE A
  • TYPE C
  • TYPE G
This listing is the listing of 110V items which could be basically used in north American regions such as US, Canada, Mexico etc. But apart from this, we also have 220V items (UK plug, C type in Europe), so if you want 220V item (regions in UK, Europe, Australia, Israel etc), you have to request us by mail to send 220V item after ordering.
  • Every sleeve can be
    attached by one touch
  • Control your
    pressure and time
  • Everyone can
  • Blood circulation
    in swellen area
Product Specifications
This Machine can effectively help
the circulation of blood
  • Setting time
    0 ~ 30min
  • Setting pressure
    0 - 240mmHg ± 20mmHg
  • Size
    300(W) x 185(D) x 169(H) mm
  • Weight
    2kg (only body)
  • Power source
    AC 100-127V, 50~60Hz
  • Power Consumption
  • Helps Relieve Knee Problems, Legs and Feet Swelling, Water Retention, Cramps.
  • Improves Blood Circulation and Promotes Proper Function of the Lymphatic System.
  • Nourishes Cells and Flushes Waste and Toxins Naturally by Help Circulating Blood.
  • Helps Reduce Venous Insufficiency and Varicose Veins.
  • Helps Releases Endorphins and Amino Acids that Works as Natural Painkiller.
  • Perfect After a Workout or Training for Athletes Sports Recovery; Gym, Ironman, Triathlon, Cycling, Biking, Dancing, Marathon, Climbing, Yoga and All Sports. Fast Recovery for All Athletes.
  • No Side effects.
  • a. Timer knob & On / Off button

    - Knob for setting time for use of the Device
    - Power button to turn ON/OFF the device.

  • b. LED Indicator

    To indicate power on or operation
    - Standby : Blue
    - Operating : Blue

  • c. Pressure knob

    Knob for adjusting pressure to use the device

  • d. Handle

    Handle for moving the device

  • e. Air socket

    Air tubing connection socket

  • f. Power socket (inlet)

    Power cord connection socket

How to install and use
  • After installing the device on flat and safe place, connect power plug to the power socket located at right side of the device.
  • Check that air tubing is twisted or bent and sleeve is torn or has any damaged part.
  • Push perfectly air tubing plug to air socket located at front of the device by holding the device with a hand. (Unless air tubing plug is pushed to the end and inserted properly, air can be leaked.)
  • Take out belongings from your pocket of clothes, watch, ring jewels before wearing a sleeve. Check the size of sleeve to use and put it on. (If wearing a comfortable thin clothes before wearing a sleeve then it will be more pleasant and no sweat will be soaked.) Make sure to pull up zipper to the end and lock it.
  • Press long the On/Off button on the device to turn on power of device.
  • After setting pressure, if set time is set, device begins to operate.
    * Time can be set as 0 ~ 30 minutes
    * If a user is a beginner of this device, don’t set pressure at high level and test the device by setting pressure at the lowest level at the first
    time, and then raise the pressure slowly thereafter.
    - For SP-1000, one pressure knob controls overall pressure for the sleeve concurrently.
    - For SP-2000, there are 4 pressure knobs controlling separately pressure level of each chamber.
  • When stopping operation is desired, then turn timer knob to 0 minute.
  • Pushing long the On/Off button at front of the device to turn off power
  • Pull out power plug from air socket at the front of the device
  • We have three sizes in Leg Sleeve (Large, X-Large, XX-Large), so some of our customers
    request return or exchange after ordering since they ordered wrong size.
  • Since this is overseas delivery, to avoid unnecessary cost such as delivery fee in exchanging the item,
    please check the size chart in the listing clearly before ordering.
Upper Thigh
Mid Thigh
L 24.0 21.9 19.1 15.9
XL 29.3 26.0 22.0 17.7
XXL 29.5 27.0 23.8 19.1
Foot Size
L 14.2 15.0 28.3 11.0
XL 15.7 16.1 30.1 11.0
XXL 17.3 18.1 36.4 11.8
Leg Extension Zipper
If you think that it is little bit tight in ankle and thigh when you did not put
the air pressure in, connecting the extension zipper would enlarge the circumference for 3.93 inches.
Extension zipper is optional product you can purchase additionally.
You have to order leg sleeve and extension zipper in the same size to use them.
If You ordered XXL size leg sleeve, You must order XXL size extension zipper
Various size of doctor life sleeves
  • L
  • XL
  • XXL
  • Extension Zipper
Recommended Height
  • 63 - 67 inch
  • 67 - 71 inch
  • 71 -      inch
  • enlarge 3.9 inches
Operating Principle

Operating Principle and Features

  • Promote blood circulation
    ▶ Effectively remove the garbage in the blood (cholesterol)
    ▶ Accelerate the blood circulation
  • Body massage
    ▶ limited hand massage, massage muscles and body
    ▶ Especially suitable for professional athletes and physical recovery
  • Stretching Exercise
    ▶ Have good stretching effect on limbs
    ▶ Especially suitable for people who stay in the bed for a long time
  • Abdominal Breathe
    ▶ Increase the blood oxygen
  • Facial Toning
    ▶ Remove toxins easily
  • This machine can effectively help the circulation of blood
SP-1000 One touch sleeve is easy to use
because main part and sleeve is connected with one hose
Since its founding in 1986, DAESUNG MAREF has developed various product lines as well as quality innovation through steady product development. We develop and manufacture a wide range of products, from surgery assistive devices, physiotherapy and rehabilitation devices for the purpose of life extension and prevention to diseases to medical devices usable in daily life, such as beauty devices and home care devices that are close to our daily lives. We stand side by side with the leaders of the world.
Doctor Life has been a life partner and sometimes a contributor to our life, and has kept our lives healthy for the last 30 years. We are confident that we are at the cutting edge of the day with countless medical devices. What we provide is not merely a medical device, but the happiness and health of all mankind. With more value than just the air you need, Doctor Life will always be with your life.
Recommended For
  • Student who studies
  • Housewives with chores
  • Beloved grand parents
  • Sports man who excercise a lot
  • Employees who sits for a long time
  • Whoever need better blood circulation
  • Workers who stands for a long time
  • Sport Recovery
  • Payment
    We could accept only PAYPAL Payment. PAYPAL allows you to pay by credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) debit cards, bank transfers.
  • Communication
    Please contact us through our direct email. and We provide support 24 hours per day via the Messaging option on Shopify. 
  • Customs Duty
    Buyers are responsible for all Custom duties incurred. If the item is returned due to declining the customs, Round trip delivery fee would be deducted from refund amount.
  • Shipping
    Delivery Regular Delivery Time (With Tracking numbers) : 4-6 Business days. Additional delivery fee could be added for some regions, and in this case, We inform this in advance to the customer before sending the item, and send the item after the customer pays for this.
    Shipment We are based in South Korea, Shipment by DHL / UPS / Fedex EXPRESS from South Korea. Some of our stocks would be delivered from A/S Center (in MONTGOMERY, AL in US).
  • Return Policy
    Our items have less than a 1% defective rate, in the event that you need a return we would help process any return or shipping claim.
    Our perfect feedback rating supports our status as an outstanding seller!
    Our return policy is the same as Amazon & Ebay's 30 day return policy :
    Item must be in "New" condition. Eligible products for returning : Undamaged, Unscratched in its original packaging.
    Serial Number must match (DOCTOR LIFE) Device.
    Original packing materials and accessories must be returned.
    Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer unless the item is defective or the return is a result of a seller mistake.If it is discretionary returns (Bought by Mistake, No longer Needed. etc), round trip delivery fee and restocking fee would be deducted from refund amount.All returns must be received within 15 days of RMA issuance.
  • Warranty
    Our Company offers to its valued customers a 1 year Warranty (Device and All sleeves).This Warranty is effective only if the product is purchased and operated in our site. Our Company stands behind its quality with confidence.
  • Warnings and Contradictions
    This Machine is designed for your personal use. This Machine is not intended to replace any health professional care. This Machine provides Relaxation and Support Blood Circulation. Designing a family friendly (home use so that it is easier to be used anywhere.) Read all instructions before using this machine for the first time.
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