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[FYI] Top 10 Best Leg Compression Machines in 2020 Reviews - DOCTOR LIFE

[FYI] Top 10 Best Leg Compression Machines in 2020 Reviews - DOCTOR LIFE

Leg compression machine is a device with a variety of merits that it offers to the body of a person. The name branded to it does not matter whether you brand it air massager, compression massager or even machine therapy but the main concern is the advantage it provides to the body. The only way one can realize its compression effect is when it comes into contact with the body parts like arms or legs where the central unit acts as a controller. Air compression machine has a variety of merits which include the elimination of edema, activation of venous circulation and lymphatic activation and toxins elimination. Air compression machine is mostly used in places like salon and health institution.


#9. Dr.Life Air Compression System

Top 10 Best Leg Compression Machines in 2020 Reviews

This company normally conducts thorough research before making the air compression system. Unlike using the product, the main problem faced while using other products is the sizes of their cuffs. Sometimes, leg massager can be used by individuals with thick legs. The machine normally exists in distinct sizes including large, medium, double-extra-large and extra-large. That is why it is almost impossible for one to find one fit for their calves without considering their sizes.

Even though it’s simple to make and use an air compression system, it has its manual containing guidelines. One can easily put it on, zip up, latch it on the Velcro and finally press the on/off button. Even elderly people can simply use it. The product can run at 30 minutes per each runtime other than the usual 15 minutes runtime.

Features of Product
  • -20-240mmHg ± 15% pressures range
  • -2 Foot Pads
  • -Leg Sleeves Size
  • -Double & Single Hose
  • -Leg Extension Zippers
  • -Consumes 32W of power


SOURCE: https://www.ctopreviews.com/best-leg-compression-machines/

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William Lyman / Dec 27, 2022 at 15:42

Starting use of the leg sleeves at the lowest intensity, how many days should I keep the intensity at low before increasing it by about 10%. Is it safe to increase the intensity by 10% every week or is there a physical or pain level to stay below.
Maybe future controllers can have a compression gauge for each of the 4 sections.

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